Save the Environment

Our environment is getting polluted every year . global worming, sea level rising, heat wave coming n more droughts are on the way its time to save the environment for our next generation . water, air, soil everything is being polluted at alarming rate . its time to act now or we

Ending Poverty & Hunger

Poverty is number one problem of all bad acts . this is universal n biggest problem off all time . millions of people go hungry everyday, millions of people have no home, no job, no money . its our number one challenge to face n try to change the life of people

Changing the Society

we need more people who has the courage to change the society for greater good . there are not many people who think about the society n others its our opportunity to honor few to inspire million to make a change in our society . lets join n contribute for a better

Helping People

there are many people who are serving other people with little or no interest at all . it could be people of any profession who are helping others from their position . we want to congratulate theme with our Robi Prize & encourage millions to do the same .Its our chance to